Monthly Archives: July 2008

I’ve just ordered a shed load of stuff from (this is what happens when I upgrade my Flickr account and have more space for photos!) and it just reminded me what an unbelievably great site it is.

They’ve actually created an application which is fun to use. Possibly the only thing in the world where the ordering process leaves you feeling better than when you started.

They’ve made ordering and getting the product fun.

They’ve made ordering and getting the product part of the product itself.


Night at Shunt

Pinball table in Shunt

Last night we checked out Shunt – a new club, calling itself a “lounge and theatre company”.

Going in is slightly surreal – a small door inside London Bridge station opens out into a vast cavern (there is something of the Plaform 9 3/4 about it) and you follow luminous lights up to the main stage and bar area.

Getting served at the bar was a serious pain after a while but its an interesting and fun use of the space.

A few more photos on my flickr page