A Goodbye, A Hello

Oh no, I’ve become one of those people who keeps a blog and has to apologise for never updating it. It’s been a while, but the last couple of months have however been rather busy. I’m very pleased to say that I’ve moved from Reading Room to the rather wonderful R/GA London. They’re one of the few agencies that I think really gets digital communications, and how it can fit in the wider world. They’re also the people behind work like Nike+ and so needless to say I am proper excited to be here. Getting up to speed on everything has been taking up most of my time and, given I was hardly the most regular of bloggers in the first place, this seems to have resulted in my total lack of production here.My bad.

So, anyway, as a sort of final Reading Room goodbye, I would also like to suggest that you all check out the last project I worked on there, the rather wonderful 1940 Chronicle for Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. It’s a live-blogging project telling a fictional story throughout each day of the Battle of Britain and it was very kindly described by Leon Jaume from  WCRS in Campaign magazine as “… one of the most powerful and least expected users of social media I’ve yet seen. It’s also brave, ambitious and moving, and I love them for doing it” … which was very nice of him, so thank you Leon. It’s also one of the projects I’m most proud of being involved with over my 4 years at Reading Room – the ultimate literal expression of telling stories online, and using them to start conversations, and it’s great to see it be appreciated.

Other than that I’ve been playing around with some ideas of why digital seems to sometimes cause such problems for business and communication, and perhaps – inspired by The Medium is the Massage – how somethings haven’t really changed at all. More soon …