JavaScript Slideshow

Spurred onwards by a ridiculous discussion at work (the gist of which was that you had to use Flash to build interactivity on a website), I decided to build a very quick proof of concept for a javascript slideshow.

In fairness, when I say “build”, what I mean is “plug together a few things where other people have already done the hard work and do a little bit of coding round the edges”.

However, the whole reason for this was to prove how quick and easy it is to build interactivity into sites without using Flash. So I figured using free, open-source code already provided by others was fair game :-)

So, using the completely free-to-use Smooth Gallery alongside the completely free-to-use phpFlickr, I present a javascript slideshow that goes to the Reading Room Flickr pool and finds all the photos currently uploaded and tagged with the word “competition”.

Not a timeline in sight.