Links of the Day

Love this idea. Do something nice for the student who was initially helped up from the ground by looters, before they went through his bag and helped themselves to his stuff. An ugly, embarrassing moment, but this helps to make it better:

Anonymous foretell of the end of Facebook, which personally I wouldn’t mind too much, if only because it would demonstrate how much power these people wield:

(side note: anyone else notice the similarities of language between the riot reporting and that Anonymous piece? Anonymous are also mainly teenage youths right? The geek equivalent of leveling your own neighbourhood perhaps)

“The problem lies with the people, not with the tools” – good slideshow defending the use of social media during the riots. Just to clarify – it’s not Twitter’s fault:


Riots and hacking don’t really matter anyway, because one day soon the US really will default on its debts and then the whole world will be fucked. Good explanation of why this might be true:

And finally, lovely piece of teacher vs former student banter on Facebook. DOUBLE BURN!