London Calling, an exhibition at our gallery

It’s strange, the people you meet. When Lindsay first moved to Serbia to do a 9 month project with work, I went out for a few days as well, had a look round the city, all the usual stuff that happens when your girlfriend moves abroad for the best part of a year.

As part of that, I spent one Monday walking round the streets of Belgrade. It’s a great city, full of energy and interest. Coming out of the Nikola Tesla museum (awesome, you should go) I wandered into a small gallery shop and met a couple of artists, Uros and Tamara. This is when I first learned that Serbia’s art galleries and museums have been shut for, in some cases, over a decade. Serbian artists, whilst their work maybe shown all over Europe and the World, have no place to show their work in their own country. This story has since even been covered by the BBC.

One of the benefits of working for an independent agency is that we have quite a lot more freedom than we otherwise would. For about 6 years, we’ve ran an art gallery from our reception for no other reason than Simon and Margaret, our CEOs, are huge art fans.

Hopefully you can all see where this is going. Serbian artists have nowhere to exhibit, we have an art gallery. So, to help raise awareness of the situation in Belgrade, and because their art is brilliant and questioning and fun, I’m really pleased to say that from the 9th September, the Reading Room Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of Serbian art from Uros, Tamara and other artists from their art movement K42.

Please stop by and have a look. And if you’re in town on the 12th September, there is a private view in the evening, which I’d love people to come along to. Best probably to tweet me and let me know if you’d like to attend – @adamsefton.

I’ve also written up an interview I did with Uros and Tamara, and published it on Medium. You can read it by clicking here.