The solutions we develop are bespoke for each client we work with. The amount and type of research we undertake is also bespoke. Our process has clear principles within which we operate, but provides flexibility to tailor it to specific client needs.

We have a five step process. There are points where we narrow down our thinking, and points where we go very broad to encompass as much information as possible. This gives us focus when needed, whilst also allowing scope to diverge and consider a wide range of information.


We start by defining what the problem is. Sounds straightforward, but so often briefs are ineffective because it’s not clear what problem they’re aiming to solve. We work with our clients to help define what the real problem is. We usually ask ‘why’ quite a lot.

We like to deliver ideas that are authentic to your business, useful to your customers and relevant to the world we’re living in. Our discovery phase is designed to get the understanding we need to deliver this.

  1. Your organisation. We meet with stakeholders and shareholders. We research and build an understanding of your brand, what drives your employees to work every morning, the history of the brand, why it was founded. We build an understanding of you as a business, the logistical and operational processes required to deliver what you sell. It’s important that we build a rounded picture of your business and brand.
  2. Your customers. Or consumers. Or users. People who you want to buy what it is you’re selling. We need to make sure we understand who they are. Often times, a business has so much research on their target market, we don’t need to do more – it’s more a case of a mystery than a puzzle. But if we need to do our own research, we favour qualitative research through interviews and focus groups and even some light-touch ethnography. There are many reasons for this, but principally we believe qualitative research best unlocks the creative insight we need.
  3. The outside world. Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We need to understand your competitors and your market, and also how the wider world might influence our thinking. In this way, we make sure our solutions are appropriate to the times.

Our research is designed to uncover insights that give us the basis to define a purposeful vision and from that, new products or services that can become the embodiment of this vision. We believe digital technology offers the ability to show our customers what our purpose is, rather than simply tell people about it.

In order to deliver the vision, we need to define outputs for each part of your organisation; work that will need to be done to make the vision a reality. We work in collaboration with each business unit to help them fully participate in bringing the vision into being.

The solution. A succinct explanation of what we’re proposing, alongside clear, actionable next steps. We believe the end of our work is just the beginning, so we also deliver all our work in easily digestible formats, to ensure whoever works on it next can easily understand where we are, how we got there and what the next steps are.

If this sounds like it might be interesting, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.