Risks consign nativity to be bewitched.

The comments on this blog always get pretty good spam, and I have comments set to need manual approval for exactly this reason. Sometimes when I log in to check (particularly after a long time, sorry about that) I find some pretty awesome nonsense. But, nothing compares to this piece of absolute genius.

Well-paying, they request to be taught that filing lawsuits is not the line of performance to strand foetid piracy. Exceedingly than, it’s to row-boat something in the most castigate beaten path than piracy. Like concord of use. It’s indubitably a cyclopean numbers easier to utter iTunes than to search the Internet with imperil of malware and then crappy bestow make an exhibit, but if people are expected to redress turn behind from loads and splatter all together seeing that ages, it’s not fruitful to work. They lone be subjected to a lop value once you can remodel about people work out software and Noose sites that short it ridiculously tranquilly to infringer, and up the quality. If that happens, then there compel be no stopping piracy. But they’re too energetic and appalled of losing. Risks consign nativity to to be bewitched!

Almost reads like a Burroughs novel.