Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a great new intenet-based magazine about website design and technology that I think indicates a future trend in online behaviour. Smashing is regularly updated, containing information gleaned from around the web alongside quality editorial. It also makes certain articles it publishes available via pdf to download, print and read when away from the computer.

Rather than taking the blogging route of posting little and often, Smashing seems to average roughly one article every three to four days. These articles are in-depth, informative and, in certain cases, will take more than three to four days to read on their own.

To me, Smashing represents the next evolutionary step in blogging and blogs – with Technorati claiming to track over 70 Million blogs, it’s become impossible to sift through the online dross to find the gems out there. Sure, peer review and personal recommendation is still a great tool, but with the sheer amount of blogs now online, it’s hard for anyone to find quality new reading. I can’t remember the last time I was advised on a new blog I just had to read – the good ones are just too hard for anyone to find.

So having a reputable online magazine in effect performing editorial duties seems to save me a lot of the bother of finding new and useful sites. Smashing, with its quality editorial and excellent recommendations, is quickly gaining a rapid following. Whats interesting is that it follows a much more traditional offline magazine approach, and I think we’re going to see a lot more of this across different sectors. As the sheer size of the internet prevents people from easily finding the good stuff, people are going to rely more and more on quality editorial magazine sites to do it for them.