Tesco brings in-store experience online

According to New Media Age, Tesco are revamping Tesco.com, using “social media as the key driver to replicate the in-store experience”.
Did I miss a meeting? Has anyone been to a Tesco recently? The “in-store experience” is akin to the Tower of London before it was a tourist attraction. Supermarkets are horrible places, where people go because they have to because they have to buy food (or toilet rolls, or cheap socks). What exactly are they going to replicate? The shock of an over-loaded trolley colliding with your ankle? The sensation of hundreds of kids somehow screaming at exactly the same moment? The sad realisation you’ll be stuck in this queue for the next half hour because the woman in front wants to pay using a mixture of cash, vouchers and credit card? The fact that no matter how many times you ask, you can’t ever find the damn fair trade coffee?
Its just the most ludicrous idea I’ve ever heard. Tesco isn’t like, for example, Diesel or Ted Baker – shops where I quite like going just to wander around the store (albeit the clothes are shit). Who gets up to leave their desk at lunch, declaring to their colleagues “I’m just going to Tescos, to have a quick look around their pork pies”.
And this of course is surely the point – online grocery sites should completely re-define the in-store experience. No queues, no screaming kids, easy-to-find goods, no carrying your shopping home after you’ve paid? Where do I sign up? And to a greater or lesser extent, this is exactly what online shopping delivers – its quick, its easy and it gets delivered direct to your front door. Why ruin this by allowing the actual store to intrude?