The Golden Twits

The Golden Twits

In a “bid to find tweets that are ahead”, The Golden Twits awards have been launched by The Drum magazine to try and find the best tweeters in the Galaxy, and they’ve very kindly asked me to be one of the judges on the panel.

As with anything you’re asked to judge, it’s a strangely humbling experience, full of “hmmm, am I really qualified to judge this?” and “wow, they got that guy to be a judge too”. Anyway, it’s all very exciting, and obviously you should all enter. The official press release is below:

A new award scheme is to be launched for users of Twitter – the micro-blogging site many decry as a useless, waste of time.

Despite such sentiment the site has become a social media phenomenon – from a standing start in 2007, it is expected to top 18m users by the end of this year.

And the fact that it can now support an award scheme is testimony to the fact that it is entering the media mainstream.

Within seconds of the awards being announced on Twitter, the event attracted dozens of entries into categories that includes Best Celebrity, Corporate and Bizarre Tweets.Mindful of problems acceptance speeches at events such as the Oscars, organisers will insist that any winners must keep their acceptance speeches to 140 characters – a rule which applies to Tweeting itself.Judges for the event include leading new media figures such as:

  • Ashley Stockwell – Virgin Media
  • Syd Nadim – Clock
  • Peter Abraham – Econsultancy
  • Trevor Chambers – Start Creative
  • Rowan Heasley – Naked Penguin Boy
  • Mat Morrison – Porter Novelli
  • Adam Sefton – Reading Room

The entry deadline for The Golden Twits is October 22 and the ceremony will be held at Fabric, London in November.

The organisation behind the Golden Twits is media and marketing magazine The Drum. In a 140 character statement its publisher Gordon Young said, “The awards will recognise the fact that, despite the character limit, Twitter is being used by people in increasingly sophisticated ways.”